Welcome to the brand new MGMH website, redeveloped in 2019 by the Nelson Mandela University with funding provided by 7 Cups.


Due to being outdated, the MGMH redeveloped its website to ensure compatibility with online platforms, updating information and improve on the overall experience and functionality of its website. The process of redevelopment was lead by the Principal Coordinator, Charlene Sunkel, with IT expertise from the Nelson Mandela University in the Eastern Cape, South Africa. 7 Cups, an online therapy and counseling initiative based in the USA kindly sponsored the new website development.

The initial website was jointly developed in 2008 by SangathArtekManta Ray MediaCentre for International Mental Health, University of Melbourne, and the MGMH website development working group. The website development team was led by Victoria de Menil and consists of:

  • Agnelo Desa (India)
  • Angela Azavedo (India)
  • Gemma Griffin (South Africa)
  • Harry Minas (Australia)
  • Jagannath Lamichhane (Nepal)
  • Jan Paul Kwasik (Australia)
  • Kathryn Goetzke (USA)
  • Katia Verbiest (Beligium)
  • Ritsuko (Ritz) Kakuma (Australia)
  • Sarah Skeen (South Africa)
  • Smita Naik (India)
  • Steve Lacey (UK)
  • Victoria de Menil (UK)
  • Vikram Patel (India)

The initial content of the website were written by the website editors and the website development team collaboratively.



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