Dr. Lakhbir K. Jassal
Clinician, Counsellor & Researcher
Dr. Lakhbir K. Jassal specialises in the treatment of a wide range of mental health issues, with children, youth and adults, and greatly enjoys helping people manage & overcome complex psychological difficulties. Dr. Jassal works integratively, tailoring, her approach to suit each person on their unique journey by means of incorporating different psychoanalytical & therapeutic modalities on topics as diverse as: trauma; grief & loss; palliative/end-of-life care; relationship difficulties; anxiety; low-self esteem issues; self sabotaging behaviours; work/academic related stress; social phobia; sports and rehabilitation; life transitions and interpersonal issues.  Lakhbir has provided therapy in a number of different global settings and has conducted cross cultural research on mental health topics particularly in the realm of death. In recent years she has developed a fascination with neuroscience & the global impact of alternative therapies on health & wellness. Moreover, Dr. Jassal has an ongoing fascination on how psychotherapy can enable more vitality, creativity, and thereby create healthy human beings. She strives to create a therapeutic relationship wherein clients feel empowered to navigate changes in order to live more happier and fulfilling lives.


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