Title: The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Managing Workplace Stress And Burnout

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by Ann Holland


The Role Of Emotional Intelligence In Managing Workplace Stress And Burnout

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If you are anything like me, starting a new job is exciting and energizing. There is that sense of pride that you feel about landing the job. Many of us view a new job as a step forward in our careers. We may be looking forward to a bigger paycheck, promotions, professional development and new challenges that are accompanied by recognition once goals are achieved. And, if you are anything like me, along with that excitement, you experience the natural stressors that come with starting a new job. Those stressors include first-day on-the-job jitters, feeling the awkwardness of being the new person and your first staff meeting where you will meet your co-workers. Stressors can also come from the self-talk that is running rampant in your head that centers on self-doubt and the what-ifs, such as “What if I am not good enough and fail to live up to the impressive attributes that I professed I possessed during the interview process?,” “What if I will not be accepted into my new community of co-workers?,” or “What if the job is not what I envisioned?”

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2019-09-30 13:09:24

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