Mental Health and Poverty Project (MHaPP) Policy Briefs

Mental Health and Poverty Project
MHaPP was a multi-site research project, which published policy briefs as part of its dissemination of findings, including the following: 1. Breaking the vicious cycle of mental ill-health and poverty. 2. The prioritisation of mental health as a public health issue in South Africa. 3. Challenges of implementing mental health policy and legislation in South Africa. 4. Promoting community-based services for mental health in South Africa. 5. Inter-sectoral collaboration for mental health in South Africa. 6. Integrating mental health into maternal care in South Africa. 7. Developing effective Mental Health Laws in Africa. 8. Developing effective Mental Health Policies and Plans in Africa: 7 key lessons. 9. Key elements of a situational analysis to inform mental health policy. 10. Developing and adopting mental health policies and plans in Africa: Lessons from South Africa, Uganda and Zambia. 11. Developing and adopting mental health laws in Africa: Lessons from Ghana, Zambia and Uganda. 12. Better information for better mental health: Developing Mental Health Information Systems in Africa. 13. Scaling up mental health services at district level: Lessons from district care systems in Ghana, South Africa and Uganda. 14. Mental health and development. 15. Issues & interventions for vulnerable women in the perinatal period. 16. Mental Health Information System - Ghana