Title: Lived Experience in Mental Health

English Title: Lived Experience in Mental Health

by Charlene Sunkel


Roles and importance of persons with lived experience in mental health

Detailed description

Persons with lived experience of mental health conditions play an undeniably important role in the realisation of the rights of all persons affected by mental health conditions or psychosocial disability, through active involvement in advocacy and self-advocacy. Essentially, persons with lived experience can further offer a distinct function in ensuring compliance with national and international human rights instruments, reducing coercion, involvement in research, reducing stigma and related discrimination, providing peer support, in consultative roles and participation in the development, design, review, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of mental health care and services.

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Charlene Sunkel

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2019-05-28 11:52:32

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2019-05-28 11:52:32


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