Introducing Ethiopia’s National Mental Health Strategy (2012/13- 2015/16) - Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

Federal Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

Please join with us all in celebrating the launch of the Federal Ministry of Health’s (FMOH) National Mental Health Strategy (2012/13 – 2015/16). This is a critical milestone in our journey towards the development of accessible, affordable and acceptable mental health care for all Ethiopians. The Strategy was developed with extensive input from a wide range of stakeholders. As a result, this is a Strategy for action which is workable in our setting and has the support of those who will play a critical part in its implementation. Therefore, a heart-felt appreciation is in order to all who graciously gave their time and input to the development of the Strategy.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Tedla W. Giorgis, Mental Health Advisor to the Ministry of Health, Ethiopia

Mr. Kassahun Sime, Focal Person for Mental Health at the Ministry of Health, Ethiopia