Helping the Helpers: 50 Resources for Humanitarian Workers

Member Care Associates, Inc.
Publication date: 
17 October 2017

The latest Global Integration Update focuses on the wellbeing and effectiveness (WE) of staff in the humanitarian sector. Organized into six topics, this sample of 50 resources are a mixture of current, core, and classic materials over the years. Several are translated into different languages.

Keep in mind that everyone involved in the humanitarian sector benefits from special support to stay resilient and healthy. This includes administrators, managers, leaders, volunteers, international and local/national staff, the family members, and the organizations themselves.
This Update’s emphasis on humanitarian WE is a follow up and application of the 10 October World Mental Health Day theme “Mental Health in the Workplace” and the 19 August World Humanitarian Day theme “#NotATarget.” The resources we feature and reference are also relevant for the overlapping sectors of health, development, mission, etc.

Kelly and Michele O'Donnell