GMH: Reflections on Past Milestones, Current Issues, and Future Directions

GMH-Map, Kelly O'Donnell
Publication date: 
12 December 2014

Global Integration 3: Global Mental Health--Reflections on Past, Present, and Future
Friday 12 December 12noon-13:00 ET
Join us for an hour interview with Dr. Richard Mollica, a pioneer in global mental health (GMH) and trauma care (Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma), as he reflects on the growing domain of GMH--past milestones, current developments/challenges, and future directions. Dr. Mollica will also share about the 2004 GMH Action Plan (emphasizing recovery in conflict and post-conflict countries) along with his GMH text book and his recent manifesto Healing a Violent World. There will be time to write or ask questions. This interactive webinar is moderated by Dr. Kelly O'Donnell and Dr. Michèle Lewis O'Donnell and is organized by GMH-Map, a special project of Member Care Associates to further orient colleagues across sectors to GMH. To register, contact us with your name/affiliation:

Note: there will be an audio/powerpoint recording available online after this event: