GMH Compilations--Texts

Publication date: 
28 February 2014

Just Posted: Currently there are at least five GMH edited volumes, full of materials useful for practice, policy, health systems, advocacy, training, etc. These are:  GMH: Trauma and Recovery (2011, edited by Richard Mollica); 21st Century GMH (2012, edited by Eliot Sorel); and GMH: Principles and Practice (2013, edited by Vikram Patel, Harry Minas, Alex Cohen, and Martin Prince), Public Mental Health: Global Perspectives (2013, edited by Lee Knifton and Neil Quinn), and Improving Mental Health Care: The Global Challenge  (2013, edited by Graham Thornicroft, Mirella Rugeri, and David Goldberg)

Two important questions:

1. If you are aware of additional GMH compilations--texts, please let me/us know. 

2. If you have any ideas for how people can access more affordable versions of these texts, please let us all know.



Kelly O'Donnell, PsyD; Consulting Psychologist; GMH-Map Project