Global Integration Update---Faith-Based Partners in Transformation

Kelly and Michele O'Donnell
Publication date: 
7 August 2015

Global Integration Update August 2015
Faith-Based Partners in Transformation. This Update focuses on the transformational role of the faith-based sector within Global Integration (GI). Religion and faith, as we know,  have a central place for most people in our world—including many “persons and communities of concern,” staff, organizations, governments, and donors. Faith-based people are thus often mainstream contributors and partners--and not marginal players-- when it comes to the efforts to transform the world. The emphasis on personal transformation (including virtue and moral integrity) is often an important added contribution from the faith-based sector. We’ve included recent materials on faith-based health care from The Lancet, Pope Francis on the environment (Laudauto Si’), and books and articles. Other materials in this Update include the latest United Nations’ sustainable development agenda (crucial to review!) and several global mental health resources.