Title: Global Fund: What’s the fight without considering mental health?

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Global Fund: What’s the fight without considering mental health?

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This year the BluePrint Group for Global Mental Health, coordinated by UnitedGMH agreed that, one immediate opportunity, to increase funding for mental health for the most vulnerable, is the replenishment of the Global Fund for the fight against HIV, TB and Malaria. The Global Fund, a partnership of civil society, governments, the private sector and technical agencies is a pooled fund committed to funding the global fight against the three epidemics of Malaria, Tuberculosis and HIV. In October, the Global Fund’s sixth, three year cycle will launch, with the replenishment summit falling on October 10th; World Mental Health Day. We must use this connection to shine a light on the need to integrate mental health into HIV and TB services worldwide, and more specifically into the policies of the Global Fund

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