Documentary by Ishwar Sankalpa

Ishwar Sankalpa
Publication date: 
7 December 2015

ISWAR SANKALPA is a Kolkata based, non-profit organization working in the field of mental health. Founded in 2007, with the vision of ensuring dignity and the holistic well-being of the persons with mental health issues, our work in particular began with an extremely marginalized population: Homeless Persons with Psycho-Social Disability.

The documentary depicts the philosophy behind the work we do and a small glimpse of what we have achieved and where we want to go. The documentary is a small narrative encompassing our different projects.

Our Flagship Outreach Program, Project Naya Daur: a city wide community based programme catering treatment and support towards the homeless population, both men and women, with psycho-social disability and mental health needs, on the streets itself.

Project Arogya: an emergency response unit which works alongside the Kolkata Police providing immediate help, treatment and auxiliary services to emergency street-based cases.

Dr K. L. Narayanan Rehabilitation Centre: a drop-in, day-care centre (DIC) for the care and rehabilitation of homeless persons with psycho-social disabilities, within the premises of Hastings Police Station.

Sarbari Women’s Shelter for the Urban Homeless: a night and day shelter-cum-rehabilitation centre in Chetla, for urban homeless women suffering from mental illness, a joint venture with the Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

The Urban Mental Health Programme: a Kolkata Municipal Corporation Partnered, ward health unit-based mental health services delivery programme for individuals from the BPL population in two wards of the city – Ekbalpur and Chetla.

Project Sakhyam: a client tailored vocational rehabilitation program, working with the homeless psycho-socially disabled female residents of Sarbari and male clients and the DIC, so as to inculcate sustainable living and vocational  skills thus enabling supportive employment and independent living opportunities for our clients.

The documentary also entails our achievement of getting the homeless individuals recognised by the government in form of Ration Card and ensuring other basic privileges from the state for a sustainable life.