Title: Climate-driven Atlantic hurricanes pose rising threats for psychopathology

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by Zelde Espinel , Sandro Galea, James P Kossin, Carissa Caban-Aleman, James M Shultz


Climate-driven Atlantic hurricanes pose rising threats for psychopathology

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The 2019 Atlantic hurricane season is underway, heralding the prospect that extreme storms will bring psychological trauma and loss to island-based and coastal populations. Human activities are modifying the behaviour of hurricanes. 1 Increased Atlantic hurricane activity has been observed since around the mid-1990s. Climate drivers, such as anomalously warm ocean temperatures, have generated storms that are stronger and wetter than in previous years, and that are stalling as they pass over populated areas. Here we describe the multiple pathways through which hurricanes produce increasingly harmful mental health consequences for storm-affected communities in the era of climate change.

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2019-09-30 13:19:02

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2019-10-01 14:04:14

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