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Global Mental Health Peer Network, South Africa

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Ms Sunkel is a global voice for the rights of people with mental health conditions/ lived experience. She’s been working in the field of mental health, advocacy and human rights since 2003. She authored several papers from a lived experience perspective. She has written and produced theatre plays and a short feature film on mental disorders – to raise public awareness. Ms Sunkel had been involved in the review and drafting of various policies and legislation in South Africa and provided technical assistance to international mental health related reports and documents. She serves on a number of national and international boards and committees. Ms Sunkel is the Principal Coordinator for the Movement for Global Mental Health. She is the Founder/ CEO of the Global Mental Health Peer Network. She is also a faculty member of the Indian Law College as guest lecturer for the International Diploma in Mental Health, Human Rights and Law. She received a number of national and international awards for her work.

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