Positive Youth Development Measurement Training workshop

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USAID’s YouthPower Learning

USAID’s YouthPower Learning generates and disseminates knowledge about the implementation and impact of positive youth development (PYD) and cross sectoral approaches in international youth development (www.youthpower.org). Positive youth development (PYD) is an approach that aims to build and support the competencies, skills, and abilities of youth so that they are empowered to reach their full potential. We have recently published a systematic review on positive youth development programs in low and middle income countries (http://www.youthpower.org/systematic-review-pyd-lmics) and a PYD Measurement Toolkit (http://www.youthpower.org/positive-youth-development-toolkit).


We will be conducting a PYD Measurement Training in Johannesburg on Thursday, June 22 at Gender Links Cottage and I wanted invite individuals from your organization to attend. YouthPower Learning will discuss strategies to strengthen the design and effectiveness of youth-focused programs. We will also share an overview of the PYD Measurement Toolkit, which provides a variety of indicators, resources, tools, and references to monitor and evaluate a PYD approach.


If interested, please register for the event and lunch will be provided:


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Dr. Chisina Kapungu
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