Inclusive Habitat Project


Solution to all issues related to mental health facilities design and safety.

Full architectural projects including medical technology, safety assessment and safety design.

Design decisions based on research and practice.

Therapeutic environments for mental healthcare

- architectural design of mental healthcare facility

- medical technology design for mental healthcare 

- safety assessement for mental healthcare facilities

- safety design for mental healthcare facilities

- ligature points assessment

- anti-suicide design

- physical environment suicide risk assessment 

Design of mental health facilities plays a crucial role in safety and well-being of inpatients as well as therapeutic outcome.

A proper physical environment is also ensuring safety and reduces sentinel events number including suicide attempts. 

The design process of built environment of mental health facilities is governed by different therapeutic priorities and requires implementation of different methods of care taking and guarding patients than in other hospitals as well as dedicated design solutions.

Shaping built environment of mental health facilities is a process that requires predominantly adaptation of introduced solutions to particular patterns of patient behaviour and specific procedures

Next to patient outcomes and the quality of therapy, architecture is the most visible and representative part of healthcare system. Both outcomes and the quality of treatment and therapy are strongly dependent on the quality of built environment.

All design decisions are supported by research and practise and consulted with top specialists in psychiatry, forensic psychiatry and psychiatric nursing.

- post occupancy evaluation of mental health facilities

- expertise 

- research 

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