MPhil in Public Mental Health part-time research degree at the Centre for Public Mental Health, Cape Town, South Africa

Organised by: 
Alan J. Flisher Centre for Publi c Mental Health

The Master of Philosophy in Public Mental Health degree is a part-time research degree that

aims to develop advanced research skills, enabling participants to undertake their own research projects (such as

evaluating services, policies and interventions) as well as interpret research findings for mental health polic

y and practice. The programme is designed to be accessible to practitioners who work full -time, and who

are from a range of backgrounds (social work, psychology, medicine, occupational therapy, nursing,

health economics, public mental health, public health, h ealth service managers, policy makers and NGO workers).

The training aims to build the professional capacity and leadership of the participants in their work, while contributing

to knowledge generation in Africa.


The degree requires:

1.The completion of a 3-week residential training module in research methodology for public mental

healthin Cape Town

2. The preparation of a dissertation of a minimum of 20,000 words , in either monograph or publication ready format.


Deadline for application is 30 September 2013.

For more information please see the attached document.