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Inclusive Habitat Project, Poland

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Holds a Phd in healthcare architecture - mental health facilities. He works at the Department of Psychiatry, J.Babinski University Psychiatric Hospital, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences A.F. Modrzewski Krakow Academy, as an Adjunct prof., Researcher and Faculty Member, where he is also the Dean’s representative for the Faculty and International Affairs. He is a secretary of Ecological Psychiatry Commission at the Polish Psychiatric Association, a member of Polish Forensic Psychiatry Association and member of Neurolandscape Academic Advisory Board. He is an expert of at Fondazione Romualdo del Bianco -International Scientific Experts Committee of The Fondazione Romulado del Bianco. -Florence, Italy /field of expertise - mental healthcare and mental healthcare environments, mental health care architecture/. He is also a member of the Global Mental Health Peer Network where he represents Poland and a member of Mental Health Innovation Network. He is a court expert in architecture, architecture of health care facilities, with particular emphasis on psychiatric hospitals, architecture of psychiatric hospitals, design and modernization, environmental safety assessment built in existing, planned and modernized facilities of psychiatric hospitals, assessment of threats arising from the environment of built psychiatric hospitals in the context of patient suicides and other undesirable behaviors, assessment of the built environment of psychiatric hospitals in the context of user safety. He is an author of numerous international conference keynote lectures on mental health and also the author of more many articles on mental health published in peer reviewed journals. He is active in advocacy for positive changes in psychiatry and mental healthcare, human rights and quality of care. He is an expert in therapeutic architecture and environments for mental healthcare and suicide prevention in mental healthcare settings. He participates in international and national scientific projects, focused on mental healthcare, and reduction of mental health gap, both as a head of these projects and an expert. He is focused on advocacy for destigmatisation of mental health and psychiatry both on global, regional and local levels, as well as is active in these fields as a researcher.

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