LIFE STORY: Mentality of mental health: the brave ones are out there

It was late December 1999, and I knew I had hit rock bottom. The day remains a fuzzy memory, but I knew my life would change. I wanted to die so badly, and I had taken interest in animating this process in my head; the option of jumping over the bridge had since passed; an overdose seemed easier given accessibility to street drugs in Vancouver. Mine would be amongst the many unclaimed Jane Doe bodies collected from the downtown east side of Vancouver. I had seen people using drugs, zoned out for the world, I imagined they had not a care in a world that had forgotten and forsaken them. A glazed look into no man’s land was what I yearned for on this day and prayed that it would lead to my final demise. Depression had taken over my life and I had to stop these sad feelings from consuming me. What transpired on this day, my desire for life and need to speak out took a turn for the best. ... Read full story in attached pdf

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Author of life story
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24 May 2017