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About funding opportunities

Mental disorders account for 14% of disease burden worldwide; but they receive an average of only half of one percent (0.5%) of health spending in low-income countries (WHO ATLAS 2011). Moreover, three quarters (73%) of the money spent on mental health by national governments is spent on psychiatric hospitals, rather than on community care.

It is the responsibility of each of us members of the Movement for Global Mental Health to do what we can to right the balance of inequality in health financing. This may require thinking outside the box of mental health and partnering on projects for disability, reproductive health, chronic disease, and development.

We invite individuals and agencies with an interest in financially supporting the aims of the Movement for Global Mental Health to post funding offers to this page by filling out a Resources submission form. MGMH cannot accept direct contributions, but if you are interested in contributing financially, please contact the Secretariat.

This page contains currently active funding opportunities of potential relevance to global mental health.