5th international meeting of the WHO-Collaborating Center of Lille (France)

29 March 2018 - 30 March 2018
Contact person: 
WHO-CC Secretariat in Lille


Participative innovations in France and abroad

CALL for COMMUNICATIONS: researches and practical experiences

Four years after the 4th international meeting of the WHO-Collaborating Centre of Lille on “How to promote empowerment experiences for Mental Health users and carers in Europe? - Indicators and good practices”, the French and international context has considerably evolved. We observe a greater consideration of experiential knowledge and the development of the dialogue between health-care professionals, service-users and common citizens.

In this context, the 5th international meeting of the WHO-Collaborating Centre of Lille invite you to two days of debate and exchange on how to continue enhancing the empowerment of mental health service users and carers.

During the first day, we will discuss about participative innovations concerning the organization of community mental health services in France and abroad.

We will also exchange on the evolution of approaches in initial and professional education and the development of participatory research on mental health as tools to foster service-users and carers participation.

Finally, the second day will be dedicated to the development of new technologies in mental health, its impact on access to information and the potential uses for different actors.

A call for communications on researches and practical experiences to be presented during this international meeting is now open!

Communications should concern one or more of the 3 above-mentioned topics and namely:

• Participative innovations regarding the organization of community mental health services;

• Participatory education and research in mental health;

• Co-development and « empowerment » in e-mental health.

Submissions can follow two different formats:

• A research presentation ;

• A feedback on a field experience or a project.

The call is open to service-users, carers, associations, healthcare professionals or any actors involved in community mental health.

Communication submission deadline: 31 January 2018

Acceptance notification: 16 February 2018

Your communication should be submitted by filling-in this online form : https://goo.gl/forms/pmazUqDbvOzIUMFA3

The communication should present:

• A title

• An abstract of 250 to 300 words

• Keywords (4 or 5 maximum)

• References – for research presentations (3 or 4 maximum)

Communications can be written in English or French.

For further clarifications, please contact the WHO-CC Secretariat in Lille: ccoms@epsm-lille-metropole.fr

We hope to receive many contributions from you and look forward to discussing them in Lille!