1st African Mental Health Symposium for Civil Society

29 October 2018 - 30 October 2018
Contact person: 
Charity Kiki Kennedy

The African Umbrella for Mental Health Society is a 2 year old non - government with a mission provide a platform for relevant information exchange & opportunities for the mental health growth in Africa to create sustainable livelihoods. The organization will be hosting the 1st African Mental Health Symposium for Civil Society, as a way to first launch and as well as exchange information on the work that has been implemented by distinguished CSOs in distinguished countries. This serves to request your esteem to be part of our audience during the symposium by registering to attend and acquiring a ticket for only 2000 Pula which will cover all except transport and accomodation.

We are aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals 2030 (SDGs 2030) Goal 3.4 which emphasizes on the promotion of mental wellbeing. This symposium serves as one of the initiatives where we build up on the emphasis of the role of mental health in sustainable health. Our organization seeks to bring together member organization efforts done in the area of mental health, capacity build, monitor, evaluate and relevantly report. Time has really come to stir conversation about Mental Health in Africa both at national and regional level because the situation is out of hands. As Africa this is time to collectively act and defy the projections by WHO, which says ‘’if we don’t act now by 2030 Depression will be the globally leading disease.

Contact: aumbrella4mh@gmail.com

African Mental Health Symposium