Does anyone have any knowledge of mental health care provision in Angola, or is anyone aware of research that has been done?I do not work in mental health myself, but I do research on various aspects of Angolan society, current affairs and history. At the moment I am doing some research that requires information on mental health care.

On the basis of my personal knowledge of the country, and of conversations with people who have worked in the general health sector, my impression is that there is close to zero publically available mental health care. The data on the WHO Mental Health Atlas, though incomplete, largely confirms this impression.

If anyone has first-hand experience of mental health issues in Angola, or if you are aware of any research that might be relevant, please would you get in touch.

Many thanks.


Submitted by deen on 26 September 2013 - 7:59am.

If you are a professional mental health expert then you can work ith me as i am also looking for expert. I am not from angola but i can contact you. Thanks


Submitted by nfaregh on 12 April 2012 - 5:48am.

Hello Justin,

I can understand your dilemma of trying to find academic papers on mental health care in Africa. I have been trying to find some on Chad and cannot find any.

However, you may want to look up a paper by J. R. Weisz titled East African Medical Attitudes, in soc. Sci & Med. 1972, vol 6 pp 323-

You can find other related articles in the reference section of the above paper.