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The forms accessible from this page allow you to contribute content to the MGMH website. The first step is to select which type of content you would like to add.

Logged-in members can add the following types of content:


Activities are on-going work and projects being carried out by MGMH members.
These include research, service delivery, policy, advocacy activities, national programs etc. 
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Resources are documents or other material
e.g. peer review publications, press releases, government documents, manuals, etc.
which can serve as a useful reference or guideline to MGMH members.
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Media Items

Media refers to stories that have appeared in the media (newspaper, radio, television, blogs)
about mental health, particularly in low- and middle-income countries.
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Events are short-term activities, such as conferences, meetings, or demonstrations.
These can also include various activities such as those planned for World Mental Health Day etc.
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Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities are calls for proposals relevant to mental health,
be it for research, advocacy, service delivery, fellowships or other.
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Training courses

Training courses refer to anything from a degree programme to a short-course
in any topic relating to global mental health.
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Organisation Profiles

Please tell us about what the organisation you are profiling is doing in the field of mental health.
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