An Audio-visual Workshop On The Treatment of Psychoneurotic Disorders By Unlocking the Unconscious Using Intensive Short Term Dynamic Psychotherapy

Organised by: 
Dr Sona Kakar

11th February 2018

An audio-visual workshop on treatment of Psychoneurotic Disorders using Intensive Short-Term Dynamic therapy (ISTDP) by Dr Thomas Brod MD (Psychiatry).

Intensive Short Term Dynamic Therapy (ISTDP) was developed by Dr Habib Davanloo, who was a professor of Psychiatry (now Emeritus) at Mc Gill University-Montreal. ISTDP is a unique form of psychodynamic psychotherapy that facilitates in the rapid resolution of a broad spectrum of emotional disorders. It has been used extensively for medically unexplained symptoms ,depression,personality disorders and anxiety disorders. This treatment modality is theoretically well suited for the various forms of treatment resistance presumably central to the patients' previous non-response to psychological and psychiatric interventions. 

The speaker and trainer for this workshop Dr Thomas Brod MD (Psychiatry) from UCLA, has trained with Dr Davanloo, and is trained in both classical Psychoanalysis and its brief contemporary form (ISTDP). Dr. Brod will very briefly review the contributions of Dr. Davanloo and more recent innovators and then plunge with the audience into moment-to-moment review  of clinical videotape to illustrate application of key ISTDP principles. 

The therapy is evidence based and relies on both verbal and non verbal signalling by the patient.


Due To the clinical material to be presented on video  the  participation is limited to

·         Psychiatrists

·         Psychoanalysts

·         Clinical Psychologists

·         Post Graduate students of Psychiatry

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Dr Sona kakar
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