The Movement’s aim is to implement the Call for Action published in the 2007 Lancet series on global mental health. In so doing, the Movement aims to improve the availability, accessibility and quality of services for people with mental disorders worldwide – especially in low- and middle-income countries – by scaling up services based in scientific evidence and human rights.

To achieve this aim, the Movement is building a coalition whose diverse members share a common goal. Members can simultaneously support their own activities and strengthen the Movement.

Key Objectives of the MGMH:

  • Improve understanding of the causes of mental disorders
  • Advocate for access to affordable, accessible and effective treatments to improve the lives of people living with mental disorders across the globe
  • Advocate for improved availability, accessibility and quality of services for persons with mental disorders by scaling up services through the fundamental principles of scientific evidence and human rights
  • Promote a human rights, person-centred and recovery approach to mental health care and services

MGMH provides a platform to engage civil society (professionals and persons with lived experience, included) by sharing:

  • Evidence-based information
  • Innovations and scalable interventions
  • Actual experiences of persons with lived experience
  • Influence/ develop policy and plans for a global and national response to mental health
  • Promotion of participation in opportunities and events that discuss issues reflecting on the status in mental health coverage, gaps in service delivery, progress and best practice in mental health globally

Through its coalition of civil society, the MGMH provides an equal engagement platform where contributions are equally valued and where persons with lived experience are acknowledged as equal partners in achieving mental health and wellbeing for all.



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