PRogramme for Improving Mental health carE (PRIME)

Affiliated organizations: 
University of Cape Town
Contact person: 
Crick Lund; Mark Tomlinson; Vikram Patel

PRIME's goal is to generate new knowledge which informs the development of mental health programmes that improve health and socio-economic outcomes, in particular of the poor and mothers, and accelerates progress towards achieving MDGs 1, 3, 4 and 5 by reducing the ‘treatment gap’ in mental health.

They will primarily focus on three priority mental disorders - depression, alcohol use and schizophrenia - which are the three leading mental health causes of the burden of disease. We will work in two health care contexts - primary health care and maternal health care. PRIME's purpose is to generate world-class research evidence on the implementation and scaling up of treatment programmes of these priority mental disorders which can be widely adopted by policy makers and practitioners. PRIME will achieve its goal by addressing three major objectives in three overlapping phases across the life of the RPC.

Inception phase: Development of an integrated mental health care plan comprising packages of care for priority mental disorders for delivery in primary care and maternal health care.

Implementation phase: Evaluate the feasibility, acceptability and impact of the packages of care in the contexts of routine primary health care and maternal health care.

Scaling Up phase: Evaluate the scaling up of these packages of care at the level of administrative health units (AHUs).

1 January 2011 - 1 April 2017