Dementia awareness raising program for Nasik Police on the occasion of Kumbh-Mela 2015 – by Mangal Kardile (Founder – Mental Health Aims)

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Mental Health Aims
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Mangal Kardile

The upcoming Kumbh Mela- a gigantic holy festival at Nashik, India will be celebrated this year in 2015, from 14th July and will continue for a year. The main events are the holy bathing days called “Shaahi Snaan” where over 10 million people would gather on the particular day to take holy dip in sacred river - Godavari. Unfortunately many old, disabled people are left behind purposely by taking the advantage of gigantic crowd.

Concerning these facts the 15 lecture series program was held about “Dementia awareness raising and its significance to Kumbh-Mela” for all Nasik city Police stations between 16 July’15 to 04 August’15. The sessions were interactive and it has helped us reaching out to a large audience in a few days, delivering important information regarding Dementia before Kumbh-Mela event.

16 July 2015 - 4 August 2015