7th Leadership in Mental Health Course

Organised by: 
Sangath, India & the Centre for Global Mental Health, UK

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What are the course goals? 

The course equips participants with methods to 

develop and scale up interventions for people with 

mental disorders in low-resource settings. It also 

helps enhance leadership skills needed to scale 

up mental health care programmes and promote 

the human rights of people affected by mental 


Who is it for? 

It has been designed for people committed to 

improving care for those with mental disorders and 

promoting their human rights, particularly in settings 

where mental health resources are scare. Prior 

expertise in a clinical specialty related to mental 

health is not essential. Since its inception, we have 

hosted over 200 participants from around the world, 

including mental health practitioners, researchers, 

policy makers, persons affected


Vikram Patel (LSHTM and Sangath), Graham 

Thornicroft (Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College 

London), Soumitra Pathare (Centre for Mental 

Health Law and Policy at the Indian Law Society), 

Gauri Divan (Sangath), Sudipto Chatterjee 

(Sangath), Amit Dias (Goa Medical College and 

Sangath), Abhijit Nadkarni (LSHTM), Prachi 

Khandeparkar (Sangath), Akhileshwar Sahay 

(Whole Mind India Foundation), Neerja Chowdhary 

& Vandana Gopikumar (The Banyan). 

What our 2013 participants said 

about the course: 

• “The training is very structured with good team 

spirit. The methods of teaching are very 

stimulating and exciting” 

• “The course has created a passion in me for 

global mental health. It threw light on the various 

steps in planning of interventions, identifying 

strategies to overcome barriers and means to 

scale up. Mental health will be a priority in all our 

programs in future” 

• “All sessions are very informative, motivating and 

enhance our capacity to work for mental health

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Nivedita Haldankar
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